Zoo to You is based in Far North Queensland in Cairns and started its first mobile shows in February of 2009.  Jodie has a passion for educating our children on our amazing native wildlife and their precious habitats.  Being a fully qualified teacher and wildlife biologist has allowed Jodie to pursue her goal in travelling to school classrooms and visiting children at childcare and kindergarten classes.  Having the wildlife right in front of the children allows them time to admire, learn and reflect on these animals.  This up close experience stays with the children for years to come and it all starts with them, right from toddler age.

Jodie CreekJodie grew up in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, and after completing a Bachelor degree of wildlife biology she moved to Far North Queensland Cairns in the year 2000.  Working at Cairns Tropical Zoo, Cairns Wildlife Dome and the Rainforest Habitat, Jodie decided that visiting the children personally with our amazing wildlife would help bring further education and admiration towards our Native Australian Animals. Jodie  hopes to grow Zoo to You to a level where her visits will be part of the educational curriculum and she can have a few qualified educators to help her in her venture.

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